2018 Sustainers Society Members

In 1954, Marcia’s father made his first gift to MJHS in memory of his late wife as a token of gratitude for the care she received. “Fifty dollars was a lot of money back then,” noted Marcia as she pulled out the handwritten receipt. Her father continued to make that contribution every year, and when he passed away many years later, Marcia, his youngest daughter, continued this annual tradition to honor his legacy.

Over 60 years later, as Marcia was thinking about her own legacy, she learned about the Sustainers Society, a new planned giving program for MJHS supporters who want to leave a meaningful, personal legacy of caring. Marcia chose to include MJHS in her estate plan through a bequest in her will. This is one of the many ways she could have chosen to leave a planned gift. Other ways include a charitable remainder trust, gift annuity, or including MJHS as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy or retirement plan.

Planned giving helps ensure that the innovative programs offered by MJHS Health System will be sustained into the future, and allows us to continue expanding the exceptional services we deliver with compassion, dignity, and respect.

Today, the Sustainers Society is continuing to grow with 7 new members choosing to leave a legacy this year alone.

Have you thought about what your legacy will be?

For more information on planned giving, please contact the Foundation at (212) 356-5300.

Estate of Stephanie Arcel*
Dorothea Blom-Thayer, Ph.D.
Estate of Catherine Clarke*
Estate of Phyllis and Lee Coffey*
Lawrence and Rozelle Dorfman
Estate of Marilyn Dubcoff*
Estate of Eileen Enders*
Heide and Hank Federman
Doris Finkelstein
Cheryl Fishbein and Philip Schatten
Mary Beth Greenberg
Estate of Lydia C. Heller*
Estate of Olga Hollander*
Estate of Martin S. James*
Marilyn Kagan
Estate of Eva Kaye*
Laurie Gilden Lindner, Ph.D.
Marcia M. Lotto
Joyce Lowinson, M.D.
Estate of Florence Neinken*
Estate of Felicia Ray*
Estate of Saul Shapiro*
Estate of Jutta Tannhauser*
Estate of Evelyn Wechsler*


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