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Unforgettable Sessions

This video shows the amazing impact music has on our patients living with dementia.

Your donations to MJHS Dementia Programs support programs like this.

Countless Dementia patients and families have honored us with the opportunity to care for them and their loved ones. 

And it is only possible because of the generosity of friends like you whose hearts ache for those who are near and need care that they cannot afford, but so desperately deserve.

For so many men and women and their families dealing with Dementia, there is a cold reality: the emotional and financial impact is devastating as we watch our loved ones slip into a world we are no longer part of.

Dementia takes a devastating toll on caregivers. 60 percent of Dementia caregivers rate the emotional stress as very high; about 40 percent suffer from depression.

MJHS, the doctors, nurses, and staff, are here to give care and provide comfort to families and their loved ones with Dementia. Not only the sickest-of-the-sick, but to the poorest-of the-poor.

Everyone deserves dignity. Everyone. Your donation today is the fuel that gives light to the darkest days. Because your donation funds all of our Dementia (including Alzheimer’s) programs for patients and caregivers.

Many of our programs — such as Pet Therapy, Creative Arts and Music Therapy, and Cognitive Care — are dependent on your generosity.

We provide them because they transform the experience for our patients and their loved ones.

Please give $25 or $50 today to fund the many essential programs and services we provide for people and families dealing with Dementia.

Thank you for your donation. Thank you for your kindness.

MJHS Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.