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Veteran receiving certificate from MJHS
Leroy and his daughter Cookie

Some people believe that hospice will hasten your death. For us, it was the exact opposite. Thanks to the care and support he received, my father— who had a prognosis of three months—lived for much longer than expected. It was precious time during which he got to be with family, share stories, enjoy music and build new memories like this one… ”                 – Cookie

About MJHS Hospice


As one of the largest and most respected not-for-profit programs in the region, we are committed to offering patients and families at the end of life compassionate expert care. Many of the services we provide are made possible through support to our Foundation, which relies on the generosity of grateful families, private and corporate donors, and our own employees.

There are many good reasons why you too, should support MJHS Hospice during this end of year giving season, but here are just a few:

We honor military veterans

MJHS Hospice professionals are trained to care for Vietnam-era and other combat veterans who’ve been diagnosed with an advanced terminal illness and suffer from PTSD. We’re also the only hospice in Greater New York to earn Level 5 Partner status in the NHPCO/VA We Honor Veterans initiative. Your donation will allow us to continue this meaningful care and work.

We respect who you are

Many LGBTQ+ adults have experienced social stigma during different stages of life. Because everyone deserves to be seen, heard, treated with compassion, dignity and respect, plus properly identified, MJHS Hospice staff—with partnership and education from SAGECare—are trained to recognize and reverse unspoken bias, ask for preferred pronouns, plus write medical records in ways that accurately reflect a patient’s gender identity and chosen family. Your donation will allow us to continue to provide this incredible and respectful care

We care for even the littlest of patients

No parent expects to outlive a child and no one wishes hospice care for a young person. So when we get the call that a child needs us, we mobilize a team with pediatric hospice expertise—to help families through the emotional roller coaster, provide tender nursing care, support healthy siblings and so much more. Because no parent ever wants to give up hope, MJHS Hospice is fortunate to be one of the few programs to have a Pediatric Palliative Care Waiver from the New York State Department of Health. This means children can still pursue curative treatment while receiving our hospice care. Your donation will allow us to continue to provide this incredibly unique care.

We have history on our side

MJHS Hospice was one of the first such programs in the New York area. Since our founding nearly 40 years ago, we have become one of the largest and most respected not-for-profit providers of hospice care. It is our deep commitment to our patients and their families, years of experience, special care programs, and dedicated team of professionals that set us apart.  Your donation will allow us to continue to provide this incredible care.

Yes,  I would like to support MJHS Hospice with a tax-deductible donation!

MJHS Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit. (Tax Id: 11-1630753) All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.