Support Pediatric Hospice

I would like to support patients and families with the following gift:

Employee in Elf Costume Holding Baby in Hospice
Small Young Girl in Hospice Receiving Holiday Gift
Smiling Employees in Holiday Costumes Gathered Around Pediatric Patient

The MJHS Hospice Pediatric Care Fund ensures that the unique needs of children with life-limiting, advanced or terminal illness can continue to be treated with the special care they need. Special programs supported by the pediatric fund include:

Our program employs specially trained and licensed music and art therapists to meet the psychological and emotional needs of pediatric patients, their siblings and family members. The creative arts therapy team uses music, art and other creative approaches to create a safe space for children and their families to:

  • Create legacy projects
  • Work through and express their emotions
  • Receive age-appropriate grief and loss support
  • Get counseling to develop healthy coping skills
  • Lay the groundwork for bereavement

Every year for the holidays our hospice staff makes sure children on our program always have something special to open during the Holidays. Dressed up as elves they visit the children in our hospice program and distribute presents! It’s always a favorite time of year!

The Patient Care Fund is dedicated to meeting the health and quality of life care needs for the patients and families of MJHS. Funded solely by charitable contributions, the fund is able to assist in the purchase of items and services deemed appropriate by the patient, patient’s family and MJHS caregivers, such as wheel chairs, walkers or grab bars. Each patient is eligible for up to $500 of assistance annually through the fund.